Superfine Merino Sheep in Uralla

Willow View Pastoral currently run between 12,000 and 16,000 Merino Sheep.

We produce over 40 tonnes of traditional New England Superfine type wool annually. Our top lines are
Spinners Style being bright white, strong and between 75mm & 85mm in length.

Our rams come from Essex Hill, Shalimar Park, Westvale, Kelvin Vale, Bocoble, Merryville, Demondrille,
Grathlyn and Conrayn.

Our Ewes are from Merryville bloodlines. They are selected for constitution, confirmation and heavy
cutting, dense fleeces. Due to recent purchases and investment in improved genetics we look forward to
decreasing our average clip micron from 17.3 without sacrificing the sturdy, strong sheep that we currently
enjoy working with.

David sells his wool under the brands;
DA – New England,
Barley Hill – New England, and
Red Hill – New England.



Our premium rams originate from Essex Hill, Shalimar Park, Westvale, Kelvin Vale, Bocoble, Merryville, Demondrille, Grathlyn and Conrayn.



Our Ewes are from Merryville bloodlines and have been specially selected for their constitution, confirmation, and heavy cutting, dense fleeces.

New Initiatives and Future Focus

Willow View Pastoral main Wool Shed

Bale Provenance

WVP keeps meticulous records of health, husbandry, feed and grazing for each mob of sheep. We record each mob that contributes to every bale of wool produced on farm and make those records available to buyers. Buyers of our wool and buyers of garments made from our wool can rely on our commitment and integrity to produce wool of the highest quality sustainably and ethically.

Wool Shed At Willow View Pastoral

In 2015 WVP became one of the first accredited suppliers of wool under the SustainaWOOL Integrity

“New England Wool (NEW), together with its Italian shareholders Reda and Vitale Barbaris Canonico took action on offering integrity in Australia’s wool supply chain by launching SustainaWOOL in 2015.
The aim was to promote sustainable wool production both in terms of the animal and the environment.
NEW Managing Director, Andrew Blanch, said consumers and retail brands, particularly in Europe wanted to know the raw fibre had been sustainably produced, including high levels of animal welfare.”

AnnabelleCleeland, farmonline, 11 Nov 2017

We will continue to adopt new methods of stock management and husbandry and keenly follow results
from new research initiatives in our pursuit of achieving optimum stock care.

Sheep drenching at Willow View Pastoral


WVP began using Barbervax on their flock the first year it was released. We decided to initiate the use of the program with the aim to reduce the use of, reliance on and resistance to chemical drenches. Making our farm safer for our people, the stock and the environment. By breaking the life cycle of the worm and suppressing worm egg production we hoped to achieve the long-term benefit of cleaner pastures and reduced infection rates.

Whilst initial results of using the program were expensive, time-consuming and led to disappointment in results seen in the paddock the second and subsequent years of use showed some very exciting results.

Barbervax has reduced ill thrift (and losses) due to Barbers Pole worm infection this has increased our top line strengths from N/Ktex mid 40s to low 50s N/kilotex. Across the board, our wool is stronger with fewer losses due to tender wool. The developers of Barbervax are not for profit and are reinvesting income into the development of a vaccine for scour worms – the future means we hopefully will not have to use chemical drenches as often, or at all!

Baby merino lamb at Willow View Pastoral

Genetic Refinements

WVP now run two distinct types of wool producing Merino sheep. We have established a small flock of
Saxon style merinos typically being bred for the ultrafine Italian market at Red Hill. These sheep are
grazing on our best country, are fleece tested at shearing and are rugged soon after to protect their wool from the elements. The remainder of our heavier cutting, bolder crimping superfine wool producing sheep are residing at the almost 10,000 acres between Cleggswood and Meldon just west of Uralla.

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