Angus Stud

Angus Stud

Willow View Angus – Established in Late 2015

Kansas Angus females form the foundation herd. The Kansas cows arrived joined to Sires not like Sav 10 Speed, Maturi Reality, Goodthing and Evidently.

The aim of the stud was to introduce some big hitting genetics to improve our commercial herd. We produce fast-growing, moderately framed and easy doing cattle, suited to our country. Once proven in the stud, these genetics are then introduced to the commercial herd.

In 2016 Kansas Aberdeen and Kansas Datalink were used as stud sires. Aberdeen selected for balance and confirmation and Datalink being a trait leader in 200,400 and 600-day growth, IMF and EMA and top 1% for CWT with a smashing 82 recorded.

In October 2017 four PTIC Millah Murrah heifers were purchased – these girls from the Brenda and Abigail lines were by or joined to Klooney, Kingdom, Kruse Time, EF Commando, Silveras Conversion and Thomas Up River.  Exiting results for our third year. In 2018 the females are being AI´d to Ascot Hallmark and Fahrbar Docklands.

EBVs of P (2018) heifers include Persephone WVPP02 EMA 9.5 or top 2%, Perpetua WVPP03 EMA 10 or top 1%. Bull Calf Pinnacle WVPP07 200, 400 and 600-day growth a trait leader. CWT at 81 or top 2%, EMA of 9, top 3% and IMF of 2.7 – top 13%.

Our Very Own Lunar Trifecta is Complete!

Our very own Lunar trifecta is complete. A bull calf born to Millah Murrah Abigail (out of Thomas Up River 1614 and with Woody on her maternal side), his dad is Klooney K42 – sold for $80,000. This young fellow is destined to be a showstopper. Congratulations also to Brenda M53 and Brenda M120 both out of Millah Murrah Kingdom K35, who sold for 150,000, delivering heifer calves this week to EF Commando a sire with EMA of +9.8 and IMF of +2.1 amongst other cracking EBVs.

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